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Ballet Folklorico Advanced

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Ballet Folklorico: Advanced • Ages: 6-14

This class is a continuation of skills learned in Intermediate Folklorico Dance. A greater emphasis will be given to style, performing skills and endurance. Folklorico shoes and practice double circled skirts required. Once per year, you will have to purchase a performance outfit (available for rent or $150-$350 to purchase) Instructor: Abigail Hernandez

Mon, 6:35-7:30pm

$60 month/Resident, $72 month/Non-Resident
$50 month/Resident, $60 month/Non-Resident (if taking Intermediate + Advanced Class)

Location: Foley Cultural Center, 1499 N Camino Alto



Important Info:

Required for Weekly Practices:

Boys: practice shoes

Girls: practice shoes and a practice skirt. All skirts need to be double circled skirts(these are for dancing).

Links to purchase practice skirts and shoes:


Required for Yearly Performance:

Girls: Practice shoes can be used for performances unless the region of Mexico which we are performing requires the use of folklorico boots.

Boys: the outfits need to be custom ordered due to large variations in size (these take from 8-12 weeks to make). All students can custom order shoes and outfits.

Outfits and shoes can be purchased online, in-person, in Mexico with relatives/friends, or directly through the instructor. When purchased through instructor, there is a $5-10 discount per each pair of basic (black or white) shoes and free shipping for both shoe and outfit orders.

Links to purchase performance outfits:

(Prices range from $150-$350 (without shipping) depending on size)



  • DUF is the largest gathering of folklorico artists in the country to celebrate the artistry, history and traditions of the Mexican folk dance community.
  • DUF 2024 will offer 60+ congruent workshops in dance, music and related arts at Sunnyside High School (1019 South Peach Avenue) in Fresno, CA
  • Early registration offers a discount. Individual students who wish to participate can register and pay online.
  • DUF 2024 dates are March 22, 23, 24. Please, save the dates!
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