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Ballet Folklorico Beg

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Ballet Folklorico: Beginner • Ages: 6-14

Instruction includes learning folklorico techniques while building confidence, improving focus and coordination, developing social skills, and working in physical endurance and motor skills. Folklorico shoes and practice double circled skirts required. Once per year, you will have to purchase a performance outfit (available for rent or $150-$350 to purchase)  Instructor: Abigail Hernandez

Mon, 4:30-5:30pm

Or, Tues, 4-5pm

$60 month/Resident, $72 month/Non-Resident

Location: Foley Cultural Center, 1499 N Camino Alto



Important Info:

Required for Weekly Practices:

Boys: practice shoes

Girls: practice shoes and a practice skirt. All skirts need to be double circled skirts(these are for dancing).

Links to purchase practice skirts and shoes:


Required for Yearly Performance:

Girls: Practice shoes can be used for performances unless the region of Mexico which we are performing requires the use of folklorico boots.

Boys: the outfits need to be custom ordered due to large variations in size (these take from 8-12 weeks to make). All students can custom order shoes and outfits.

Outfits and shoes can be purchased online, in-person, in Mexico with relatives/friends, or directly through the instructor. When purchased through instructor, there is a $5-10 discount per each pair of basic (black or white) shoes and free shipping for both shoe and outfit orders.

Links to purchase performance outfits:

(Prices range from $150-$350 (without shipping) depending on size)



  • DUF is the largest gathering of folklorico artists in the country to celebrate the artistry, history and traditions of the Mexican folk dance community.
  • DUF 2024 will offer 60+ congruent workshops in dance, music and related arts at Sunnyside High School (1019 South Peach Avenue) in Fresno, CA
  • Early registration offers a discount. Individual students who wish to participate can register and pay online.
  • DUF 2024 dates are March 22, 23, 24. Please, save the dates!



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