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Claudio's Martial Arts Beg & Int Juniors

Ages 10+
This program is based on traditional martial arts training. Students in this class are of various skill levels, ages, & physical abilities. This program focuses on self-discipline, intense physical training, effective self-defense techniques, competition sparring & forms. Students will learn a balance between mind, body, and spirit; through a solid martial arts foundation. Students will need to meet mental & physical standards for promotion. Juniors/Teens will promote through the Junior ranks. Teens must show they are focused on their goal to earn a black belt, in order to promote into the traditional ranks. Adults will promote through the traditional ranks, when requirements are met.
Head instructor: Sigung Angelito Claudio
Instructor/Administrator: Si-Pau Loana Rapacon-Claudio

Vallejo Community Center
225 Amador St.

$50 month/R, additional family member $40/month
$60 month/NR, additional family member $48/month

Thurs & Fri, 6:35-7:35pm

For more information, call 707-648-4640.