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COVID-19 Updates


Are face masks required?

  • District Offices, Centers, Children's Wonderland: Indoors: required regardless of vaccination status. Outdoors: not required, strongly recommended.
  • Sports, Aquatics, Youth, Camps: required indoors, not during outdoor activities.

Do I have to physically distance (minimum 6ft. apart)?

  • Centers, Children’s Wonderland, Sports, Aquatics: required for mega events (concerts, large outreach events, sporting events). At smaller events, physical distancing is highly suggested.

Are parents allowed in classes?

  • Centers, Sports, Aquatics: yes, parents are allowed onsite.

Are health screenings required (questionnaire, temp check, etc.)?

  • Centers, Children's Wonderland, Sports, Aquatics: not required.
  • Youth, Camps: Yes, required.

Checking youth in & out of camp?

  • Youth, Aquatics: parents/guardians must sign in and out participants outside the class.

If I am not feeling well, what do I do (vaccinated or unvaccinated)?

  • District Offices, Centers, Youth, Children’s Wonderland, Sports, Aquatics: stay home. Return once you have a negative COVID-19 reading.

Is pre-registration for programs/classes provided?

  • Centers, Youth, Children’s Wonderland, Sports, Aquatics: yes, strongly encouraged. Please register online at, in-person at our Main Office (395 Amador St., M-F, 8am-5pm) or by phone at (707) 648-4600.

Can I make a reservation for a private event or meeting?

  • Centers: available for reservation at limited capacity, COVID-19 regulations in place.
  • Children's Wonderland: yes, private rentals and birthday reservations available.

Are reservable and neighborhood parks open?

  • Yes, playgrounds and restrooms are open. GVRD cleans park amenities as frequently as possible. The Park Dept. doesn’t sanitize amenities on a daily basis