january, 2019

Introduction to Drawing SeriesMULTIPLE SESSIONS AVAILABLENorman C. King South Vallejo Community CenterActivity:Arts and Enrichment

Event Details

Ages 12+
If you can scribble, you can draw! Learn how to draw and easily create beautiful artwork. Using soft pencils and other mediums, you will apply drawing techniques to make the drawing come alive! Learn about the 8 elements of art and 9 principles of design. Join one or all classes! Learn something new each class and build up on your skills. At the end of class we will have group discussion and evaluation of techniques as we review everyone’s work. Fore more information, please call the Coordinator at 707-648-4620. Instructor: Laura Schofield

Callout Information

Material fee to instructor. One-time fee for 1 or all classes.

Session Times and Dates

June 15, July 13, August 10, September 14



$40 month/resident, $48 month/nonresident
$10 material fee to instructor, one-time fee for 1 or all classes.

For More Info

Contact the Coordinator at 707-648-4620


Year Around Event (2019) See sessions/registrations for current schedule.


Norman C. King South Vallejo Community Center

545 Magazine St, Vallejo, CA 94590