january, 2020

Multicultural Art MakingNorth Vallejo Community CenterActivity:Arts and Enrichment

Event Details

Ages 9-13

Participants will be introduced to a new culture through videos, artifacts, cultural art prints, maps, and demonstrations of basic art techniques. Through art, we will be discovering cultures around the world, while creating cultural artworks during studio time. Tibet-mandala sand paintings; Ghana-Adinkra printmaking; Aboriginal-dot painting; Huichol-yarn painting. At the end of class, participants will do a class gallery walk viewing art work and group reflections. Instructor: Sylvia Thomas

Session Times and Dates

Monday, 3:30-5:30pm


$45/month resident
$50/month nonresident

For More Info

Contact the Center at (707) 648-4650


Year Around Event (2020)


North Vallejo Community Center

1121 Whitney Ave, Vallejo, CA 94589