january, 2020

Tino's School of Self DefenseMultiple Sessions AvailableVallejo Community CenterActivity:Martial Arts


Event Details

AGES 7-14
Tino’s School of Self Defense teaches you the basics of the Hamzy Ketsu-Ka and Karate style trademarked by Grandmaster Harry Hamzy with over 75 years of experience and 1500 students nationwide. Master Tino a 6th Degree Black Belt (Rokudan) teaches you the basics of self-defense with a class that starts with heavy stretching, then moves on to kicks and punches as well as kick/punch combos and then the rest of the class involves self-defense for a variety of attacks. Blocks, counters, joint locks (Akido), throws and takedowns (Jiu-Jitsu). As we progress the class gets harder and your confidence and abilities grow. Learn about “situational awareness.” Learn how to protect yourself against bullies and abusive people. Finally, we have fun! Instructor: Dave Tino

*Students must have uniform (Gi) by week 2 of class. Speak with instructor on how to order.

Session Times and Dates

Temporarily cancelled

Wednesday, 6:00-7:00pm


$30 month/resident, $35 month/nonresident
Drop-in: $10

For More Info

Contact the Coordinator at (707) 648-4640


Year Around Event (2020) See sessions/registrations for current schedule.


Vallejo Community Center

225 Amador St, Vallejo, CA 94590