Reservable Parks/Picnic Sites

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Reservable Parks and Picnic Sites

The Greater Vallejo Recreation district is the home to reservable parks and many reservable picnic areas for small or large group gatherings. Located in some of the most picturesque surroundings, their natural environments are a perfect background to any special occasion.  With so many options to choose from, Park staff is available to help navigate our park system to find the best location for your event.

JUMP HOUSE PERMITS: $25, Permits must be purchased from GVRD district office at least a week before your event and are issued for only designated picnic areas; only jumpers from approved vendor list may be used. Must also have a park reservation.

ALCOHOL PERMITS: $30, Permits must be purchased in advance at the GVRD district office and approved by the General Manager; only beer and/or wine allowed. Must also have a park reservation

Reservable parks and picnic sites. Group of friends having a picnic at the park.

Parks and Picnic Sites

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