Sports Fields

Fields Available For Rent

Sports Fields

Fields Available for Rent

Inner Squad Scrimmages Only,
Practices Only,
Conditioning Only

Soccer: Wardlaw, Glen Cove, Washington, Wilson, North Vallejo
Baseball: Dan Foley, Wilson, Terrace Park (Curb Field) (Little League), Richardson (Madren) (Little League)
Softball: Richardson (Madren), North Vallejo, Washington’
Artificial Turf Field: Dan Foley Sports Facility, Both soccer and softball, but only one rental at a time, either/or.

Fields that have Lights Available for Rent

Dan Foley (McManus), North Vallejo, Wilson (baseball only)
Dan Foley Artificial Field has lights that are programmed by computer at the main office.

Procedures for the rental of GVRD Sports Fields

In order for your group to receive the non-profit reduced rate, your group must have a completed 501(c)(3) on file with the GVRD Main Office. If you do not have a 501(c)(3)(schools and some youth groups) you must provide us with a copy of a tax exempt letter from the IRS stating you are a tax exempt. All documentation for the non-profit status must match the name of your group.


395 Amador St.
Vallejo, CA 94590


Field rentals can be made at the front office only.

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Rental Rates

Natural Grass Fields

Non-profit resident rates are $12/hr minimum 2 hours for rental
Non-profit non-resident rates are $15/hr minimum 2 hours for rental

Regular resident rates are $30/hr minimum 2 hours for rental
Regular non-resident rates are $35/hr minimum 2 hours for rental

Dan Foley Sports Complex Artificial Turf Field

Resident rate $40/hr minimum 2 hours for rental
Non-Resident rate $48/hr minimum 2 hours for rental

Lights – Resident $25/hr minimum 2 hours: $25 each additional hour
Non-Resident $30/hr minimum 2 hours: $30 each additional hour

Lights for all fields must be turned off by 10:30pm Sun-Thurs, 11:30pm Fri & Sat
Dan Foley Artificial Turf Lights must be turned off by 10:30pm Sun-Sat

Field Preps-Non Artificial Turf Field

Baseball and Softball Preps

Non-profit resident $25/prep
Non-profit non-resident $30/prep
Profit resident $30/prep
Profit Non-resident $36/prep

Field rents must be done 24 hours in advance
Field preps must be made 48 hours in advance – weekend preps available only during the months of April-October

GVRD Baseball Fields available for rent. View of the ball on the field.

Baseball Fields
GVRD Sports

    Rental Procedure

    1. Individuals reserving on behalf of an organized group may rent up to three (3) times a week: (example: Saturday 10-12p & 5-7p counts as two rentals) The rentals must be in a minimum continuous block of time groups may not leave an hour of time between rentals. GVRD, VCUSD and private school official sports schedules take precedence over all other rentals. Anyone renting any available sports field as an individual, may rent on a first come first serve basis with 24 hour advance notice; 48 hours if a prep is required.

    2. If the first of the month falls on a weekend we will book on the preceding Friday excluding holidays.

    3. On Monday each week, any available field rentals, for that week, may be booked on a first come first serve basis.

    4. During the rainy season fields may be unplayable due to excessive water (see below for Dan Foley Artificial Turf Field) In the event of a “rain out” a credit will be given and the rental may be rescheduled, provided you have notified the GVRD Main Office 707-648-5389, within 24 hours of the rainout. For Artificial Turf Field – due to the all weather surface “rain outs” will be limited to severe weather only.

    5. Park Maintenance Supervisor has ultimate responsibility to determine if the fields are playable.

    6. All rentals are to be done in person, at the Main Office. No telephone reservations are accepted.

    7. Payment is expected at the time of rental.

    8. Only official representatives that are on file with a particular organization may rent, sign and receive a copy of said permit.

    GVRD Sports Fields. Groundskeeper on Pitching Mound

    Field Maintenance
    GVRD Sports

      Policy Number 3071 Refunds

      Rules and Regulations RR3071

      Sports Fields Natural Grass:
      1. Rain-out: Must call 707-648-5389 within 24 hours of rain-out in order to receive
      credit to account.
      2. Cancellation: $10 cancellation fee will be deducted and balance applied to their
      account, unless a refund check is requested.
      3. Transfer Fee: $5 will be charged for each transfer transaction. Payable at the
      time of transfer.

      Artificial Turf:
      1. For Artificial Turf Field – due to the all weather surface “rain-outs” will be limited
      to severe weather only.
      2. No fees will be charged to transfer, cancel a rental within three working days of
      initial scheduling of the field. After three working days the cancellation fees
      below apply.
      3. Cancellation Fees: 0-15 days from scheduled date $20 fee
      4. Cancellation Fees: 16-30 days from scheduled date $10 fee.

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