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Wardlaw Park West

Location: 1698 Oakwood Ave.

Size: 3.18 acres

Turfed play areas, soccer field, play equipment and basket ball courts (at adjoining Wardlaw school), multi-use field, off street parking

Wardlaw Park East

Location: Ascot Parkway – across from Bethel High School

Size: 9.64 acres

Vallejo’s new 17,000 square foot Skateboard/BMX Park opened at Wardlaw Park in April, 2006 and features a hybrid design with a multi-lobed concrete bowl and a slab area for modular equipment. Five public meetings were held over the two-year design period, inviting skaters and BMX bicycle riders to take part in the planning process. The results produced unique design solutions. While many other skate parks typically feature either concrete bowl construction, or modular equipment on a slab, Vallejo’s park brings together the best of both worlds. Its innovative, hybrid design includes both the concrete bowl and modular equipment in separately fenced areas with a 20-foot wide gate in-between. The gate feature allows these areas to be combined for special events and exhibitions. The park also features areas for beginners and intermediate users to minimize user conflicts.

In May, 2006 the Vallejo’s new 2.2 acre Dog Park opened at this site. It includes two separately fenced areas: a small one for elderly and shy dogs, and a much larger fenced area for active dogs that enjoy romping and socializing. Dog owners will find shared watering/washing facilities with positive drainage that receives multiple treatment before it enters the storm drain system. Multiple picnic areas are provided around the site for all users. The site includes a restroom, a bridge to the Blue Rock Springs Corridor, and a parking lot with room for concession trailers.

The park also features a bantam soccer field.

Please join us on Saturdays for FREE Sports in the Park from 1 to 4 pm, weather permitting. (See Vallejo Sports Academy for more information).