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Open Letter to the Vallejo Community Regarding McIntyre Ranch

Per the Direction of the GVRD Board of Directors, GVRD will not be renewing the use agreement with the current caretakers of the McIntyre Property. We have provided notice and their last day will be April 30. I thank them for their partnership over the years.

The purpose of all GVRD’s programs is to enhance Vallejo residents’ quality of life with healthy activities that get individuals and families outside, breathing fresh air and back into nature. When the McIntyre Ranch was purchased by GVRD in 1986, the plan was to create a park. Unfortunately, a subsequent ruling on access was that the upper portion of the road is private, inhibiting use of the park by the public.  

We will continue to look at access and are working with engineers regarding the road design, water infrastructure, waste management, and condition of the buildings. We have also assessed many trees on the site, and plan to take care of issues related to their health and hazardous condition.

We plan to create new and more accessible learning gardens in other GVRD locations to educate youth and families regarding food. To this end, we are working with other agencies to develop use agreements and will be looking to collaborate with local nonprofits in this endeavor.

Our community meetings and ad hoc meetings were placed on hold at the end of 2022, and we plan to start them up again as soon as we can work out scheduling issues with stakeholders. I hope to start discussions and have a forum for public input again in March.

With a clear direction of what we are able to do at McIntyre Ranch, our hope is to release a Request for Proposals (RFP) to explore new ideas and better utilize the property.

I have appreciated all the feedback, concerns, and community input regarding McIntyre Ranch, and hope that it leads to a fruitful goal that is implemented in the near future. 

I would also like to say Thank You to Dee Davis, Jane Mitchell and all the volunteers over the years at the ranch.

Gabe Lanusse

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