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McIntyre Ranch

Photo of entrance to McIntyre Ranch

McIntyre Ranch is a 22.15 acre property located on the far side of the ridge just north of Columbus Parkway. It is surrounded by open space land held by the Solano Land Trust. There is limited access to the property, by vehicle via St John's Mine Road and on foot via hiking trails from Blue Rock Springs Park. Prior to the pandemic, McIntyre Ranch hosted such GVRD programs as Coyote Club, Horse Days, & Family Campout Nights. No programming is currently held at McIntrye Ranch, GVRD staff and the board of directors are working together to see what uses might be feasible for the property's future.

McIntyre Ranch License Agreement 2006McIntyre Ranch Master Plan 2009McIntyre Ranch Initial Study/Proposed Mitigated Negative Declaration 2009
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