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Vallejo Sports Hall of Fame

If you would like to nominate someone to the Vallejo Sports Hall of Fame you can do so by contacting the Vallejo Hall of Fame Committee by clicking either name,  Justin Saroyan or Melissa Edwards, to send an email.

An ad for the 18th Annual Vallejo Sports Hall of Fame event on March 16, 2024, with ticket prices and a QR code.


The Vallejo Sports Hall of Fame event and committee is organized by The Coach Sarna League and Vallejo PAL. For questions or tickets, please contact Vallejo PAL at: (707) 552-1573 or visit: Vallejo PAL.  The Coach Sarna League: (707) 316-3029 or visit: The Coach Sarna NFL Flag Football League > Home (

Supported by GVRD

2020 Inductees:

Ronnie Anderson

Willie Anderson

Joanie Bettencourt

Bobby Gonzalez Jr

Everett Robinson

Ann Talamantes-Ristow

Debbie Ayres - 1987 Vallejo High Girls Basketball Team

Mike Kollar - Vallejo PAL German Soccer program


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