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Measure K

Measure K, is a voter approved parcel tax of $48 a year, assessed to property owners within the Greater Vallejo Recreation District. . Originally passed in 2012 after three years of continuous reductions in property tax, the residents of Vallejo passed this super majority parcel tax to support parks and recreation in Vallejo. In 2017 voters approved a 15 year extension. Senior citizens 65 years and older my apply for an exemption on their primary residence.

First passed at a time of recession and a city bankruptcy. Measure K has always been a bulkhead against a fluctuating economy. As we move to overcome the recent challenges brought on by COVID-19, Measure K continues to be a vital lifeline, enabling us to keep our parks open and safe and continue to provide recreation opportunities.

This revenue stream provides the district with approximately $2 million per year and Measure K funding does not go towards wages or benefits for full time district employees. 

Horse and pumpkin carriage play structure
Made possible by Measure K funds
Pirate Ship play structure
Made possible by Measure K funds


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