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Band Bookings

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Band Booking Procedures:

I have a band and want it to be considered for any GVRD events. What do I do?

  1. Send an EPK (Electronic Press Kit), link to website with music and/or video, and/or mp3’s to Julie Myers at for consideration.
  2. 4-5 months before the event your band will be considered for the event, and it will be determined if you are a good fit for the event and event audience and goals.
  3. If you are chosen you will be contacted for availability, and fee.
  4. Once the schedule is built you will be sent a contract and asked for a W-9 and stage plot.
  5. These must be turned in to finalize the booking.
  6. You will be contacted the 2-4 weeks before the event to finalize all the details.
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