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Incrediflix Movie Making Summer Camp

Ages 7-13

Week 1 AM: 6/10-6/14 - Live Action Flix
 Discover your filmmaking talents! You don’t have to be an actor to take part as we'll guide you through the Hollywood process to create, direct, film, act, and more. You won't just make an incredible movie, you'll have the skills to make your own movies with friends.
Week 1 PM: 6/10-6/14 - Lego Flix
 Bring Lego worlds to life! We provide Legos. You provide your imagination. Work in groups to create a Lego set with Lego characters for a stop-motion movie you'll storyboard, shoot, and add voice-over too.
Week 2 AM: 7/29-8/2 - Special Effects Movie Flix
 Explosions, tornados, meteors! In these high intensity live action movies the special effects will blow your mind. In groups, you’ll get to direct, act, and even choose special effects to incorporate into your movies. Make a movie that will surprise all your friends and family! 
Week 2 PM: 7/29-8/2 - Minecraft vs. Roblox Flix

Make a Minecraft MOVIE, a Roblox MOVIE, or make a mashup MOVIE! Work in groups to create a stop-motion movie full of games or challenges for your character to overcome. Students will create their sets out of construction paper, make their Minecraft blocks, film, add some cool effects, and do voice-overs!

Location: GVRD Sports Gym, Portable 80 - 501 Starr Ave

$317/R, $381/NR (AM or PM Camp) - per week
$634/R, $761/NR (Both AM & PM) - per week

Mon-Fri, 9am-12pm (AM Camp), 1pm-4pm (PM Camp), 9-4pm (AM & PM Camp)


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