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VCC Business & Commercial Rates

The Vallejo Community Center will close May 1, 2022 for the remainder of the year due to renovations.
 Community Center Application Request

Must provide business license.
Two hours minimum for each room used. 
Set-up & take-down available per your request. Fees will apply.

Auditorium & Foyer - Capacity 350
$144/hr resident, $173/hr nonresident

Foyer - Capacity 149
$96/hr resident, $115/hr nonresident
(Reservation without music)

$64/hr resident, $77/hr nonresident

Teen Room - Capacity 49
$42/hr resident, $50/hr nonresident

Club Room - Capacity 49
$42/hr resident, $50/hr nonresident

Cleaning and Damage Deposit $400.00
Security Officer $27 per officer/per hour
Certificate of insurance
COVID-19 regulations for indoor gatherings

Additional Fees (optional)
Public Address System: $50 Audio
Alcohol surcharge $25 (ABC Letter for 1 Day Liquor License)
Jumper Permit $25