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Xplore Solano on the OuterSpacial App!

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In 2021, Solano Land Trust inspired a partnership bringing together the Cities of Fairfield and Vacaville, the Greater Vallejo Recreation District (GVRD), Solano County Office of Education, Solano County Parks, Solano Transportation Authority, Solano Public Health and Park Rx to create Xplore Solano, a community app connecting Solano County residents with places to go and things to do outside.

Powered by the OuterSpatial app, each partner organization posts to the Xplore Solano Community account with events, activities, trails, parks, and more. Xplore Solano offers families one convenient app to find where to go and what to do outdoors in Solano County. So, download the OuterSpatial app and get outside today!

Step 1 - Download the OuterSpatial App

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Step 2 - Join the Xplore Solano Community in the app

A colorful logo with the text "Xplore SOLANO" featuring stylized letters, a red location pin, and three dots on its upper left side.

Step 3 - Grab your phone and head outside!

Start exploring all the parks, trails, open spaces, activities, and events that Solano County has to offer!

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