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Claudio's Martial Arts Introductory/Novice

Ages 7+
The Novice/Beginners class will begin building a foundation for becoming a martial artist. Our instructors will stress proper technique & form through repetition and various drills. Students will also learn the value of respect, loyalty, and discipline. Students will begin their journey into leadership and developing confidence, through communication & encouragement. Each student is evaluated on their individual improvement, attendance, participation, focus, while meeting minimum requirements. All participants 15 and under will begin in this class, unless evaluated by the instructor. 
Head instructor: Sigung Angelito Claudio
Instructor/Administrator: Si-Pau Loana Rapacon-Claudio

Foley Cultural Center
1499 N Camino Alto

$50 month/R, sibling $40/month
$60 month/NR, sibling $48/month

Tue & Thurs, 5:30-6:30pm


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