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Judo Adults & Competitors

Adults 18+
Competitors Ages 7+
Our competitive judo program builds upon our Judo Beginner & Experienced class and is for students who would like to become more serious in their study and practice of judo, compete at tournaments, earn higher belt ranks, and participate in camps or other educational training activities. This dual class is more intense and comes with higher expectations of attendance, conditioning, focus, energy and dedication. This class requires that "competing students" be enrolled in our Judo Beginner class, are competing in tournaments, and registered with USA Judo and USJF/Hokka.
Instructor: Frankie Valentine-Flores and Acazah Goodman

GVRD Sports Gym
501 Starr Ave.

$45 month/R, sibling $35 month
$54 month/NR, sibling $44 month

Mon,  Wed, 7-8pm


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