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Judo Kids Fit

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Ages 5-7
This kid fit program is taught in a fun-filled way and is geared towards the physical development and attention spans of our youngest students. Classes are designed so that focus, communication skills, and respect for others come from the lesson plans and interactions between the instructor and the students, rather than acting on impulse. And did we mention we laugh, smile and have lots of fun! Running, jumping, tumbling and playing games develops balance, coordination and flexibility, practicing basic judo techniques develops physical conditioning, agility, speed and body control, and learning how to safely fall, throw and pin each other builds confidence and teamwork. Uniforms must be purchased by the 2nd week of class through the Vallejo Judo Club.
Instructor: Frankie Valentine-Flores and Acazah Goodman

GVRD Sports Gym
501 Starr Ave.

$45 month/R, sibling $35 month
$54 month/NR, sibling $44 month

Mon & Wed, 5-5:45pm


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